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Togglebytes Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a technology firm that develops web and mobile applications for corporates and SME's.

With the custom website from Togglebytes you do not have to adjust your specifications to the capabilities of a given platform or change your design visions to fit a template – we deliver the work precisely to your requirements.

Togglebytes has served various clients like Lodha Builders, Indian Oil Corporation, Blenders Pride, and many such industry leaders. We specialise in giving a complete makeover of the website with our creative design and integrating more interactivity on the website. We strive to learn new technologies.

Our Skills

below data shows technologies we specialise in and to what extent

  • HTML 5

    Front end technology
  • CSS 3

    Front end technology
  • Javascript

    Interactive front end technology
  • Frameworks of PHP

    Back end Technology
  • Angular JS

    Data Binding Framework
  • MySQL

    Database Language
  • JSON

    Data-Interchange format for API integration
  • OpenCart

    eCommerce Development platform
Web Design 100%
HTML 100%
CSS 90%
JS 85%
PHP 80%
Angular JS 70%
MySQL 85%
Ionic App development 90%

Skills we're working on to serve you better

Ruby on Rails 20%
Native Android Development 15%
Meteor JS 15%
Advanced Javascript 10%

Small team of family & friends

We are a small, tight-knit team of family and friends. We believe that our passion and care for every project is clearly shown in the websites and applications we build.

We Focus on Craftsmanship

From our experience, the best talent in the industry is not at the biggest agencies. We are a team of seasoned veterans and we believe in creating with the highest level of craftsmanship

Rapid development

We don't have a lot of patience when it comes to creating awesome things. We utilize the latest tools and methodologies available to go from planning to prototyping quickly.

100% Transparency

There is no middle man here. We don't have project managers or account managers, so you are free to communicate with the people that are actually working on your project. We are all hands-on workers, we'll tell you if something is wrong


we specialise in mobile & web

  • Responsive Websites

    We develop responsive websites

    On languages like Bootstrap, LESS and CSS

  • Web Applications

    Automating your business processes

    We do coding from scratch to develop web applications ensuring all your requirements are met

  • eCommerce Website

    Your business needs an online shop

    We've expertise in developing on platforms like Magento and Opencart

  • Mobile Applications

    Hybrid apps for iOS and Android platforms

    Just developing a mobile app is not essential, marketing is equally important

  • SEO

    Search Engine Optimisation for websites

    How would you feel if you developed a website and you didn't generate business through it? Hence, SEO is essential

  • Brand your Website

    A complete digital marketing solution

    Trust your online presence is in the right hands of Togglebytes

  • Content Devpt

    for your website

    You don't have to go places to get your website live. We do it for You!

Why Choose Us

Togglebytes is committed to the idea of creating Web & Mobile apps that are functionally solid, aesthetically beautiful and completely optimized.

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some of our featured work here

We've an exhaustive list of websites / web applications and mobile apps done for clients ranging from successful startups to corporates { like Indian Oil, Lodha Builders, Blenders Pride and many more } to Politicians

enlisted projects below are few of our featured projects that we are really proud of !


TOABH Web application development


Automating business processes of Toabh using web application

This web application has been one of our featured and dearest work. Our PHP developers get a kick when they glance through this masterpiece web application they have created. The client has been relieved from the trivial job of working on excel sheets and searching an older mail since the time this application has automated some of their business processes.


Web design Blenders Pride


Fashion Tour of Blenders Pride

Another web design for a well known brand where fashion on the agenda. With such an agenda we as Togglebytes can't miss on the design and online presence of Blenders Pride Somehow we managed to the blend our design with their pride.


Lodha Group- Palava Website design


Web design for Palava city with custom backend

When it comes to developing a website for Palava where Amitabh Bachhan is the Brand Ambassador, www.palava.in had no choice to keep the design splashy and unconventional. To ensure the design meets such high expectations, Lodha group approached us for the web design despite having a web design team inhouse. This project is a dear one to us as we've made repeated changes to give this look.


SoulMindMagick Web Design


When the three words- Soul, Mind and Magick appear in one word you somehow know it means something really deep and subconscious

This website has been designed by our team with all their heart. Soothing purple color and the flow of information in the website resembles the mojo state of a human being when he is in the state of flow, which obviously was the purpose of the website design.


InternTheory Web Designing


Web designing along with User interaction

Frankly, when the client came to us for a revamp of their existing website, We didn't understand why they wanted to do a re-design as their earlier site was neat enough. After further discussions we learnt that interactive site is what they are looking for and that would be much ahead of the competitors' website. So we delivered accordinglt and hence another happy client!


Modi Chemplast Web design


A simple and informative Web design for Modi Chemplast

Developed a simple yet


Web design Skin Specialist


A simple and elegant design for the best in town SKin Specialist

Fortunately the web design of a doctor should be as clear as possible so that it offsets their handwriting. This is one of our simplest and most neat web designs


Mobile App for Politicians

June 23, 2013

Developed Hybrid mobile application for Politicians

Candidates for State elections wanted to propogate their agenda and about their respective political party through mobile application and that was the motto of designing and developing this mobile application for Android and iPhone users.


2D Android Game

SuperU Game

Inhouse Game development

This is one of our inhouse 2D game development project for ourselves. Though it wasn't marketed or made for a gamers per se, though it gained traction within our closed friends group.


2D Android Game

Hextris Game

Inhouse Game development

Again, This is one of our inhouse 2D game development project for ourselves. After we gained confidence in developing a game like SuperU, we took our skills to the next level by developing an unconventional game with our Mobile game partner, AlphaLabz.


our portfolio

Go through our detailed portfolio in this presentation

Togglebytes portfolio from togglebytes
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